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EFM Racing and Cliff Dempsey Racing form unique alliance

EFM Racing in partnership with Cliff Dempsey racing have announced an alliance between the two programs to provide young drivers with unprecedented access to a vast variety of racing and driver training in both the US and the UK.

Cliff Dempsey Racing, the multi time Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes Trophy winning team will provide current students and graduates of EFM Racing’s K2C (Karting to Cars) program special opportunities to race in the BRSCC Formula Ford National Championship in their factory Ray Formula Fords. Having worked with EFM Racing graduate driver, TJ Fischer last year Cliff remarked; “The drivers coming out of EFM’s programme are very well prepared, listen and learn well and we are excited to work with more of them.”

EFMBoth team owners consider this a two-way deal, as this agreement has benefits not only for drivers looking to gain race experience in the cutthroat British Formula Ford environment, but also provides drivers coming out of Formula Ford an opportunity to learn “slicks and wings” in a highly professional dedicated curriculum at EFM. EFM Racing owner and chief engineer Eric Purcell commented; “There really is no better series in the world to gain wheel to wheel experience than in British Formula Ford. Drivers learn how to deal with competition, the dedication it takes to be successful in the sport, and car control in Formula Ford better than in any other format. A driver may use Cliff’s program as just a part of their development or benefit from a full season across the pond. Likewise, drivers that are looking to move up the formula car ladder will have special access to EFM Racing’s comprehensive racing and training programs”.

While the perception in the US is often that racing in the UK is far too expensive, this alliance provides a very cost effective program that is much more affordable than its US counterparts.
This alliance is one of several that will be announced from EFM Racing in the coming weeks in order to provide young drivers a wealth of racing and training options from Karting through the upper levels of junior formula car racing.

For more information, contact EFM Racing at or visit their website at You can also find Cliff Dempsey Racing and EFM Racing on Facebook at and

About Cliff Dempsey Racing
Formed in 1989 following Cliff Dempsey’s own driving career, CDR’s mission is to help young drivers get to the top of their career and to be a successful racing team. With Championship titles in hand nearly every year from 1992 through 2013, CDR runs the premier Formula Ford programme in the UK. Their wins at the Formula Ford Festival in 2007, 2009 and 2014 and their victories in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 of the Walter Hayes Trophy are unprecedented. Cliff Dempsey racing runs programs for both Team USA and Team Canada for these two prestigious events.

About EFM Racing
The comprehensive racing and testing programs at EFM Racing allow a driver to learn how to work effectively with an engineer, the differences in driving techniques with a car with downforce and more grip and how to efficiently train using simulators. As well as the on track training and racing, EFM provides a vital off-track regimen of fitness, nutrition, mental coaching and media (including social media) training.
EFM Racing was established in 1993 and has won multiple professional and amateur championships in both open wheel and sports racer categories, including providing engineering to John Edward’s 2008 Pro Mazda Championship. Graduates such as John Edwards, Andy Lally, Guy Cosmo and many more have benefited from the support that Eric Purcell and EFM Racing provide each driver. EFM Racing has focused in recent years on providing proper foundational training for young, aspiring drivers coming out of karting that are looking to move successfully up the junior formula car ladder.

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