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Kirkistown Results- 2.4.16 – Motorsport.ie

Motorsport.ie Jake Byrne

Roadsports/Globals: Race 1: 1 Paul Conn (Crossle 47S) 13 laps 14m 03.50s (83.89mph); 2 John Benson (Crossle 37S) + 0.88s; 3 Mark Francis (Locost Honda); 4 Jim Larkham (Radical PR06); 5 Richard Francis (Westfield Honda); 6 Paul Thompson (Stryker Honda). CW: Max Drennan (Global GT); Mark Francis; Conn. FL: Benson 1m 02.88s (86.80mph). Race 2: 1 Larkham 11 laps 13m 19.01s(74.93mph); 2 Conn

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Kirkistown Results 30 .05.2015

Ford Fiestas. Race 1.(12 laps) 1 Andrew Blair 16m 49.80s (64.68mph); 2 Richard Livingston +0.09s; 3 Ian McCallister; 4 Jonny Forsythe; 5 Paul Magill; 6 Ben McCully. P. Blair; FL. Livingston 1m 17.16s (70.54mph). S. 16.     Race 2 (13 laps) 1 Blair 17m 10.46s (68.67mph); 2 Livingston +4.85s; 3 Magill; 4 McCully; 5 McCallister; 6 Adrian Finnegan. P. Livingston. FL. McCully 1m

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F3 Returns to Kirkistown!

Memories will come flooding back at Kirkistown on Saturday May 30 as a grid of 500cc F3 cars will take to the start line. The 500 Motor Racing Club of Ireland , formed in 1948 to promote affordable motor racing, took its name and inspiration from the then-new 500cc Formula 3 for small single seat racing cars powered by motor cycle engines. Visitors

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